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Finding an online casino in the USA is not easy. You should follow these helpful tips before finding your next casino.

online casinos in the USA

Trying to find a good quality and trustworthy online casino in the USA can be a time-consuming and frustrating process. Since the UIGEA (Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act) was passed it has been increasingly difficult for USA players to find online casinos in the USA that are willing to take certain types of payment methods. As the UIGEA was passed into the law In October of 2006, many people came to believe that it changed the right for American players to bet online. What this refers to is that our government has informed treasuries/banks to cease processing related transactions to online gambling, and unfortunately this includes any kind of transfer of monies to online casinos and back to the player. 

Are you still allowed to gamble online "legally?" Make sure to look at your local state laws on online gambling in the USA to see where you may stand. It seems a bit difficult these days to find online casinos in the USA that you can fully trust and are willing to support your way of payment. As of reading this you might be worried that there aren't a lot of online casinos in the USA that are noteworthy, but no need to fear. Fortunately there are legal us online casinos that still accept us players. Try to keep in mind that it is legal for players to take part in online gambling, but the UIGEA just makes things more difficult for you to deposit and withdraw money through bank accounts. But, there are online casinos in the USA that will process your transaction, legally. 

Here are some helpful tips on how to find an online casino in the USA:

  • 1. Keep your eyes open for the American Flag anywhere on the site or text that states "USA Welcome".
  • 2. If you see a MasterCard or Visa logo, you might be in the right place!
  • 3. Check the registration page "Country" dropdown for "United States". Selecting this box might indicate you are able to register and play.
  • 4. Start the Live Chat, and ask someone. They make tons of money from gamblers, so why not use some of it to your advantage.

Here are some things to help you spot an online casino that does "NOT" accept USA:

  • 1. You do not see an American Flag, or you do not see USA Players Welcome.
  • 2. The MasterCard or Visa logo appears to only be for Europeans.
  • 3. You are immediately told that USA Players are not allowed to download their software or register on their site.
  • 4. The site is not in English when you enter it.
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Finding an online casino in the USA is not easy. You should follow these helpful tips before finding your next casino.

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