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Recommendation: We have tried several of the online casinos below with MasterCard deposits, and have found that the best ones so far are Grand Parker Casino and Loco Panda Casino. If you are looking for a reliable casino for deposits and withdrawals, we recommend those two first.

MasterCard Casino List reviews a variety of online casinos, but only the elite will be eligible for display on our website. Below you will find a complete collection of what we feel to be the best MasterCard casinos. To visit the casino now, click one of the icons below.
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About MasterCard Casinos

Online casinos generally are not made for US players. As you may know, our country is very strict on gambling laws, specifically with land casinos. For land casinos, we have Las Vegas, and then we also have legalized gambling in certain areas of the country; mostly Indian Reservations. Online casinos give us the opportunity to play "incognito". It is 100% legal to gamble online as long as you are not providing gambling as a service. In order to provide gambling as a service, such as opening your own casino, you must be licensed. Currently, Delaware is offering casino licensing, and it will not be long until online gambling has spread across the United States.

There are drawbacks to these casinos not accepting US players; mainly the use of deposit methods and country selection on their sign-up form. Our team has repeatedly visited each MasterCard Casino but when we select the country on our signup form it does not have "United States" or "US" or "USA" for the matter. What good is using my casino visa deposit method if I can't enter my billing information properly?

MasterCard Casinos are trying their best to make these deposit methods available to the United States. People will spend their money on just about anything, so there's nothing stopping someone from depositing money to a website, even if it's an casino. With all the fuss, all this is doing is turning a wheel and incurring more costs. Online casino deposits need to be sanctioned and taxed accordingly so that they can be legalized. The biggest problem with online gambling is that our country has deemed it to be illegal and considered "wire-fraud", when in fact it is not. Wire Fraud states that you must be accepting bets across a "phone" line. The last time I checked, dial-up modems are a thing of the past, and if you're brave enough to open up your own casino, then you should consult any attorney beforehand.

So what can we all take away from this? Before even looking at the casino, go straight to the sign-up form and check to make sure there's a "United States" item in the dropdown; otherwise you will be wasting your time. Read specifically websites about casinos, visa and mastercard deposit methods, as well as casinos accepting US players and Players. Participate in an active blog to determine if the casino is right for you. Getting involved is all part of the discovery process.

Online Casinos

MasterCard Casino Facts - Three Tips to Help You Make Your Initial Deposit

Online gambling is something that millions of people do worldwide. It was very popular in the United States until, in 2006, the UIGEA (Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act) was put through as an attachment to a Homeland Security bill. Since then, many of the top online casinos have gone. However, there is an upward trend of Internet casinos showing up on the web, with many of them now accepting US players. Although it is not illegal for you to gamble with casinos online, the trick is being able to make your initial deposit with your credit card. In this article, we will show you three full proof ways that you can find a MasterCard casino and start gambling today.

Trick #1 - Use a Debit Card

One of the primary targets for controlling online gambling in the United States was to make it very difficult for people to use their Visa or MasterCard to make their initial deposit. In fact, some of the casinos simply do not accept US players because they know that using a credit card simply won't work. Instead of using a typical credit card (although many online casinos do accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express from US players), if you are using a debit card, you are actually drawing money out of your own account, not borrowing it from the banking institution. The best way to ensure that you can fund your account is to use a prepaid debit card that has a predetermined amount of funds that you have put in, thus keeping the credit card and banking institution out of the picture.

Trick #2 - Look For Casinos With The American Flag

Once you have your prepaid debit card ready to go (or your regular MasterCard debit card that can access your personal funds), you need to start looking for casinos on the Internet that will accept US players. In many cases, these casinos already have a relationship with either Visa or MasterCard, which is why they are willing to allow players in the United States because they know that most transactions will go through. All you have to do is search for "online casinos US" and do a cursory scan of the landing page that pops up. If you see the US flag, then this is more than likely be casino online that is welcoming American gamblers.

Trick #3 - Go Straight to the Sign-Up Form

Finally, once you have narrowed down a few online casinos that you would like to try, even if you don't see the American flag, if you go directly to the sign-up form, the drop-down menu should show a list of countries that they work with. The United States should be on that list. If it is there, you have the highest probability of being able to join this casino and use your credit/debit card to join.

As a side note, make sure that the casino you're working with offers a sign-up bonus. When you make your initial deposit, many of them will match your initial deposit 100%. In some cases, they will do this for up to 20 deposits, and may even go up as high as 400% when matching what you put in. Even better, there are casinos that offer no deposit bonuses where all you have to do is enter in your credit card or debit card information, and they will give you money to play with on their site.

Instead of searching the Internet, and doing all of this extra work, you should find a reputable online casino review site that has already done the work for you. In fact, some of them already list the top online casinos that will readily accept US players and allow you to make deposits with your credit or debit card. If you're looking for a MasterCard Casino for US players, you should check out for their latest list of US friendly online casinos and the bonuses that they offer for new sign-ups.

MasterCard Deposits

Each casino offers a different deposit method. Some will offer you our favorite, like MasterCard and Visa, while others offer US-unfriendly methods. Our preferred deposit method for casinos is MasterCard, Visa and American Express. Choosing the right method is an important part of the process. With that in mind, you should focus on finding casinos accepting MasterCard and Visa.

Why is MasterCard and Visa so important when finding an casino? Mainly because they are US debit/credit corporations and if you've found our website, chances are you may be a US Player. If you're technically savvy, think of MasterCard and Visa casinos as a footprint method. There are literally over 5,000 casinos online right now, and you have the power of google at your fingertips, why not use it? You can easily narrow your search down to casinos accepting US players by a simple search on google.