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Casino Online - The Wave of The Future

Online casinos have come a long way and have leaped from millions per year in revenue to trillions. As one of the fastest growing online trends, placing bets online for money just got easier.

Are you new to online casinos? If you answered yes, then you could probably benefit from this archive of information we have prepared for you, and to those who are veterans, you may learn something new.

We have carefully organized the list of online casinos below that we feel you will have the best experience in.

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These online casinos have the highest rate of winnings, and have had the best customer service experiences yet. We have also listed them at the top because they receive the lease complaints of all of our online casinos. We are proud to represent these online casinos at the top of our list, and know you will have an excellent time playing them.

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BigorBust has reviewed many online casinos. The casinos ranked highest are not always the best ones to visit though. If you're looking for an ultimate gambling experience, we recommend visiting the top 4 from the above list first. The online casinos listed below are listed based on their rating stars that we gave them during our review. If you feel a casino deserves a lower rating, simply click the "Review" link and leave a comment on that page.

Online Casino Information - 2013

Finding a solid list of information about online casinos means you have to scavenge the internet. A lot of places will only provide you with the casino reviews, but we find that it is more helpful for you to know about every aspect of online casinos, which is why we have compiled this list of information.

What do you know about online casinos?

For starters, they're online (as the topic suggests), which means you play casino games on a device that can connect to the internet. You can play from your computer at home, from your favorite mobile tablet or even from your mobile phone. Online Casinos make connecting very simple, so everyone can participate. How you connect to the online casino is up to you.

Three Tips For US Players Choosing An Online Casino

When looking for the right online casino, it can be a difficult process. To be honest, many of them look very similar. Some of them offer excellent sign-up bonuses. Many of them have hundreds of different games to choose from. And, of course, most of them have phenomenal designs that will attract you simply based upon how they look graphically. So how do you choose an online casino when there are so many choices to make? And if you live in the United States, which casinos can you actually sign up with despite federal gambling laws? Here are three tips you can use to choose a casino online that you will be able to join if you are a United States citizen, and that you will be absolutely happy with once you begin to play.

Look for Casinos That Are US Friendly

Although the rest of the world doesn't have that much of a problem signing up with casinos on the Internet, it is certainly difficult for American residents to do the same. After federal laws were passed that made online gambling something somewhat illegal to do, credit card companies are not exactly willing to help you get your gambling fix.

Look for the Americans Flag

Therefore, what you want to do is find casinos that have an American flag. This is a good indicator that they will accept funding from people in the United States, which means they have a relationship with either Visa or MasterCard allowing you to open up an account. In most cases, these casinos will have a 24/7 online support system where you can chat with a real person. Simply ask them if you can open up an account and use your plastic to do so. If they say yes, and especially if they offer a no deposit sign-up bonus, this is certainly a casino you will want to work with.

Why No Deposit Casinos Are the Best

To really narrow your list down, always look for casinos that are offering a no deposit bonus code. This is a code that you enter in as you are signing up with the casino. Although you will have to enter in your credit card information (something that you have to do with most reputable companies when doing any type of transaction), you will not be charged and the casino will actually deposit money into your account that you can play their games with. There is no obligation, other than having a great time on the casino's dime!

If you are in the United States, and you would like to join an online casino, but you thought that this was not possible, think again! You now know the trick to finding casinos that will not only accept US players, but will also allow you to play with their money. Simply look for casinos that offer a no deposit bonus code, sign up with them, and start enjoying casinos online all over again.

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Why You Should Choose Online Casinos over Traditional Ones

If you have ever thought about trying an online casino, but you have been apprehensive because you are not sure about them, there are many reasons that online casinos are actually a better choice when it comes to doing any gambling at all. Much of the apprehension may have to do with the UIGEA (Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act), which made many people believe that it was illegal to gamble online. In reality, online gambling is stronger than ever, with more and more of them appearing daily on the web. In this article, we will show you why choosing a casino online is an ultimately better choice than journeying to a traditional casino, a choice that will not only save you money, but give you more money to play at better odds than ever before.

Less Costly to Play

Unless you live adjacent to a city with a traditional casino like those found in Las Vegas or Reno Nevada, you will more than likely have to travel quite a distance to do your gambling. Over the last few years, Indian casinos have popped up all over the United States. This has made it possible for people to gamble much more easily because they no longer have to travel to the major cities to play their favorite games. However, with online casinos, you do not have to travel anywhere, except to your computer within the comfort of your own home. There are no hotels that have to be reserved, you don't have to eat out at an expensive fancy restaurant, nor do you have to purchase a plane ticket, or rent a car, to access these casino games. All of this can be done from your residence as long as you have an Internet connection and a computer at your disposal.

Odds Are More in Your Favor

You have to remember that traditional casinos have quite a bit of overhead. They had to pay for the construction of the casinos and hotels that provide rooms for their guests. They have massive heating and electric bills that must be paid each and every month. They have employees that man the gaming tables, provide services for guests, and a whole host of other costs that may tally in the millions every single week. With an online casino, there is very little overhead. There is the cost of creating the online casino. However, once that has been completed, it requires only a few people to maintain the website, along with the cost of the server which allows it to be online. It is because of this minimal overhead that they are able to pass on the savings to you by increasing your odds allowing you to win more online than you would at a traditional casino in the real world.

Bonuses Galore

Although traditional casinos to offer bonuses for those that sign-up for a player's card, or perhaps have progressive jackpots that are paid out every now and then, the real bonuses are found at online casinos that are trying to get new clientele to sign-up. They offer many different types of bonuses including welcome and matching bonuses that will match your initial deposit, sometimes several times. There are no deposit casinos which will allow you to play on the casino's dime after entering in your personal and credit card information. There are also monthly bonuses that reward people that return on a regular basis. You can also earn high roller bonuses if you do an extensive amount of gambling on their websites. These are bonuses that traditional casinos simply do not offer, which gives you more money to gamble with each and every month.

If you need to go get your gambling fix anytime soon, and you were thinking about booking that plane ticket, hotel room, rental car, and taking time off from work just to go to your favorite casino, you might want to think twice before spending thousands of extra dollars when all you actually have to do is play online. For the best online casinos on the Internet today, along with a list of US friendly casinos that offer massive welcome bonuses, including no deposit bonuses, you should check out our online casinos!

Why Online Casinos Are Better Than Traditional Casinos

In the late 1990s, with the Internet just gaining popularity, the online gaming industry was already creating casinos online for people to join and play their games. Although there were only a few of them at the time, they have seen a phenomenal growth, supporting thousands of new online casinos all over the web. During this time, especially with Indian casinos coming on the scene, traditional casinos have seen a dramatic decrease in the amount of revenue that they are able to generate. Is this a sign of the times, or is it because online gaming casinos are that much better? In this article, we will look at the differences between online casinos and traditional ones in an attempt to show you why the ones on Internet are superior in every way.

The Advantages to Traditional Casinos

There are many advantages to visiting and playing at traditional casinos. Depending upon how much money you win, and lose, you can receive quite a few perks for being a regular player. For instance, the more you play, the more comp points you will receive, allowing you to get things like free hotel rooms, free dinners, and other amenities. Typically, you can only receive these by joining one of their loyalty programs. You will receive a card, and every time that you put this card into a casino game, you earn points based upon your wins and losses. You can also tap into the potential of winning one of their progressive jackpots, which may actually total in the millions of dollars.

The Advantages to Online Casinos

Online casinos are very different from traditional casinos. Of course, there are a variety of games to play. They have everything that a traditional casino will have including blackjack, poker, craps, and an assortment of other table games. The primary difference between the casinos is convenience. Instead of having to travel to a distant city to play at a casino, all you have to do is walk over to your computer, log into your favorite casino, and start playing. There are also many benefits associated with online casinos that traditional ones do not have.

For instance, there are many bonuses that you can earn, including start up bonuses, matching bonuses, and the ability to win progressive jackpots just like at a real-world casino. There are also many other differences that traditional ones simply cannot provide.

Multiple Languages and Currencies

Many online casinos support multiple languages. If you speak Spanish, you simply click on the icon for the Spanish speaking site, and everything will be in your native language. Likewise, there are multiple currencies that you can fund your account with. Most online casinos cater to people from China, Finland, Japan, Greece, Russia, and even Sweden. Best of all, US players are now able to make deposits at these casinos due to new agreements between the casinos and the credit card companies, making it easy for players in the United States to also participate.

Traditional or Online Casinos - Which Should You Choose

It really depends on your preference and the amount of time that you have. It also has a lot to do with the convenience factor. If you love all of the glitz and glamour associated with casino meccas like Las Vegas, then you will probably not be that impressed with online casinos, even if they do support 3-D gaming and other superior forms of graphics. But if you're the type of person that likes to play every once in a while, plus earn bonuses that you would not receive from a traditional casino, then online gambling is probably for you. Additionally, if you do not like the smell of smoke, enjoy your privacy, but still want to get your gambling time in, online casinos are by far the best way to go.

The Benefits of Playing at an Online Casino

When you play online casinos, they are obviously different than in a traditional casino setting. You don't have the bright lights, the smell of smoke, or drinks being brought to you every 20 minutes. There are a lot of perks for traveling to the big sprawling cities, including the fine food, shows, and of course real interaction at the tables and slots. But there are many benefits to joining and playing on casinos online. Here are a few of them that you might want to consider whether or not you want to play for fun, or play for the big bucks.

Are Online Casinos for Fun or Profit?

There are many people that are new to the Internet that often scoff at online casinos. It could be that they are old-fashioned, or perhaps even un-trusting, of anything that is done online. Growing up in the computer world, it is very common to download games to play, and that is sometimes that many people associate with online casinos. They don't take it seriously, thinking it's no more than a video game that they can play from time to time.

However, even if this is how you think about online casinos, there is still room for you! Many of them have free options where you can download their software, play on their games, and get a feel for their casino online. If you do decide that you would like to try with real money, there is always the option to sign up, enter your credit card information, make a deposit and away you will go.

The Middle Ground Between Playing for Fun and Playing for Real

What holds many people back from joining an online casino is the fact that they have to use their credit card information over the Internet. Even though almost all of them use a secure connection, just like you would when ordering from an online store, they are apprehensive, unwilling to part with the numbers on their plastic in order to gamble for real.

The owners of online casinos have taken that into consideration. They have actually made no deposit casino options where you can enter in a code, and they will actually give you money to play. You won't have to make a deposit of your own hard-earned cash in order to try some real betting, or play the slots with the hopes of winning. Of course, you still have to enter in your credit card information, but this is a happy middle ground, allowing people to play for free if they will just trust that their personal information will be safe and sound.

Primary Benefits of Playing Online Casinos

There are actually three primary benefits to utilizing Internet casinos. It just depends on your lifestyle and how much time that you have. Speaking of time, that's one of the benefits. Instead of having to take a day off from work, drive or fly to a far-off location in order to do your gambling, you can do all of this from your desk at home on your laptop or desktop computer. Secondly, the odds are more in your favor. Regular casinos have massive overhead, so they are going to weigh the odds more in their favor in order to pay their bills and make a profit. With online casinos, their overhead is very small, and they can pass that savings on to you. Third, you have the ability to access literally hundreds of different casinos that offer thousands of different games that you can play. Whether you sign up to play for free, or play for real, the variety of games offered completely eclipses anything that you will experience a brick-and-mortar casino today.

Online gaming has come quite a distance since its humble beginnings just a few years ago. Advancements in technology and graphics have made it possible to truly get a tangible gambling experience while looking at your computer screen. In conclusion, there are many benefits to traveling to a traditional casino, but the perks, bonuses, and rewards offered by online casinos definitely makes it a viable, and potentially more profitable, option in every way.

How to Compare Online Casinos

So you are ready to try an online casino? Many millions of people are playing on them right now. But which one should you choose? Several of them offer exceptional graphics that will astound you once you arrive on the site. Others have mediocre sites but have fantastic games that you will want to play time and time again. There are some things to consider when comparing online casinos, a couple of which we will discuss in this article.

The Importance of the Games

As we mentioned before, many of the websites are well-designed. They have flash graphics, and killer images that will motivate you to try them out. However, the moment you have signed up and are "inside", that's where the trouble begins. Their games may not be to your liking. Perhaps the graphics are not as visually astounding as you saw on the main website. Maybe the games are boring, causing you to stop playing within a few minutes. When it comes to longevity, and retaining a customer base of rabid gamblers that are there to win money, a casino must have exceptional games that keep people coming back for more.

When choosing a casino, two of the best companies providing many of the games on the market are Rival and Cryptologic. Rival is known for its own unique style, presenting eye-catching games that are not only visually appealing, but are fun to play every time you login. For older audiences, Cryptologic focuses upon this sector of the population, geared toward people with a more traditional bent when it comes to gambling. Regardless of which one you choose, if either of these two companies power the casino that you are looking at, you will more than likely have an exceptional time when you do your online gambling.

Peer Reviews

One of the most important things to look for on the Internet when choosing an online casino are peer reviews. Essentially, you are going to be looking for any blog, website, or forum that actually has players from that casino stating their experiences. Many people will leave genuine comments telling you what they experienced, and whether you should join or not. A few others will post only to vent about the money they have lost, or an array of other bad experiences that they had. What you need to do is weed through all the comments and come to a conclusion on whether or not you should join a particular casino based upon your assessment of what you read.

Online Advertising

In most cases, the people that have the most money to advertise are going to be seen all over the web. They will be absolutely ubiquitous, showing up every time that you go to a website that has anything to do about online gambling. If you see these casinos on the web for several months, you can safely assume that they are not only able to pay for the advertising costs, but that they are also reputable enough to deserve advertising on those webpages. Based on your assessment of who has the most ads, you can also narrow down your choices to a couple casinos that might be in your best interest to join.

Using the three tips we have just presented, you should be able to find a reputable online casino that you can try. Remember, most of them offer a no deposit code that you can enter in so that you do not have to spend your own money when first trying them out. As long as they have a secure connection, and a solid reputation based upon your assessment of your research, they will more than likely be an online casino that you will be comfortable with and enjoy.

How to Choose the Best Online Casino

Are you thinking about signing up with an online casino? Perhaps you have seen many of the advertisements on the Internet and would like to give one a try. The problem is, you really don't know who to trust. You have more than likely seen uncountable new stories on Internet scams, and wonder if you will become part of the statistics that you read about every day. In this article, we will present several techniques that you can use to determine whether or not the online casino that you would like to try is a good choice or not.

Legal Pages

When you first go to an online casino, there should be some legal pages at the bottom of the site which will tell you a little bit about the company. It should provide a telephone number that you can call them at, or at least an email or support website whereby you can ask them questions. There should also be some information on exactly where the company is based out of. 

Online Reputation

You should be able to check on the reliability and reputation of the company by simply searching for their name on the Internet. There are many websites that review online casinos, which should be able to tell you whether or not the company is real and above board, or if the casino should not be trusted. All you have to do is search for "online casino review sites" and many of them will pop up, providing you with this information.

Customer Feedback

Another thing that is important to look for is customer feedback. Again, by searching on the Internet, you should be able to find forums that discuss a variety of online casinos. It is in these forums that real people will actually post the results and experiences that they have had. There really is no better way to judge whether or not a casino is reputable than by looking at customer feedback from people that have actually joined and played. Of course, you are going to have individuals posting nonsense about how they lost thousands of dollars which may or may not have been their fault. What you want to look for are reviews that discuss problems that they had, and how the casino was able to resolve them quickly and efficiently. This is a clear sign that the Internet casino is fully functional and motivated to help make sure its customers are happy. 

There are many other things that you can do to help you decide whether or not to try a casino online. Other factors include what type of banking methods they use, if they do have a live support desk, and whether or not they are showing the results of winners that have been successful gambling on their site. It is a combination of all of these factors that will help you inevitably determine if you should join a casino online, enter in your credit card information, make a deposit, and start playing.

There are many online review sites that constantly monitor the casinos on the web. They will post helpful reviews, and do the research for you, exposing the ones you should avoid, and recommending the ones that people will enjoy the most. By taking the time to do your own research, or to find these review sites, you will be able to locate a reputable online casino that you can trust.

Let the online casino games begin!

We want to make sure that you find the right casino for you, so we have selected only casinos that will accept players from all over the world. If at any time you want to leave a comment or get more information, please feel free to use the Feedback link at the bottom. Good luck with your casino hunt, we hope you find an online casino on our website.