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Black Diamond Casino, High Rollers Casino May 2023

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Black Diamond Casino is known world-wide for its genuinely superb casino theme. It feels like you've just entered a wealthy man's safety deposit box in Switzerland with all of the diamonds sparkling throughout the page. Black Diamond Casino has a history for being switched a few times between gaming platforms to make the casino accessible to US Players. This definitely is a good sign that this casino wants to make everyone happy. We highly recommend taking advantage of the GOBIG30 No Deposit Bonus Code!

Box24, Prestige Online Casinos May 2023

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Box24 Casino is the American Dream of online casinos. You will have access to a very modern list of casino games, without the fluff. Enjoy a $2,400 welcome bonus with their 200% deposit match and $1,000 for free on your very first deposit. Be sure to cash in on the No Deposit Bonus Code GOBIG30, giving you the upper-hand in your next spin of the wheel.

Spartan Slots, High Rated Online Casinos May 2023

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THIS...IS...SPARTA!!! Feel that? If you say it like they do in the movies then you are probably feeling badass right now. Spartan Slots is themed just like you are thinking, Sparta style. The good news is, you don't have to kill anyone and you don't have to worry about anyone or anything killing you while you play, as the age of the Spartan is long since passed. Enjoy their $5,000 welcome bonus across the first 6 deposits. Put on your Spartan warrior gear and head into the arena with your pockets stuffed with high roller chips.

Miami Club Casino, Top Online Casinos May 2023

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Have you ever been to South Florida? Miami Club Casino paints an excellent portrait of just how everything in South Florida looks. From the palm tree in the logo, to the fancy looking guy who resembles someone from that Fast & Furious movie collection. Miami Club Casino is all about class and style, mixed with VIP and the sweet taste of free bonuses. This casino has grown in popularity in massive amounts. If you haven't tried Miami Club Casino, then take our word that this is something you do not want to pass up. Miami Club Casino offers a 100% welcome bonus up to $800 over your first 8 deposits.

Slots Capital, Best Slots Casinos May 2023

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If you have ever pulled out a map, and looked in the country known as pure awesome slotness, you will find the capital is Slots Capital. It all started here, the capital of slots madness. You will have an endless supply of slot games and incredible welcome bonus packages to keep your bankroll overflowing. Your first deposit can be matched up to $3,000 at a 100% matching rate. If you deposit $3,000 you will play with $6,000. Easy enough! Slots Capital is one of the highest rated online casino brands and offers a No Deposit Bonus of $10 using GOGBIG15 during your next play. Don't let this one slip by!

Uptown Aces, High Roller Casinos May 2023

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It gets cold at night in the desert, but you can easily warm up with all of the excellent bonuses this casino has to offer. Desert Nights Casino is featuring an insane $8,888 welcome bonus for your first 6 deposits, with a total matchup of 893%! You can get started without depositing by using the No Deposit Bonus Code GOBIG15. Desert Nights also offers a No Deposit Bonus Code of $8 using the bonus code 8FREEPLAY. Desert Nights Casino is one of the highest rated casinos one the internet and has an amazing track record for excellence.

SlotoCash, Online Bonus Casinos May 2023

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It's time for a massive overload of slots! SlotoCash features an incredible $7,777 welcome bonus over your first 5 deposits. Enjoy the no deposit bonus code GOBIG15, and take $15 from our pocket to put into your next slot machine pull. This is one of the best casinos and has an awesome track record for customer service. We highly recommend trying SlotoCash today.

Aladdin's Gold Casino Bonus May 2023

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If you had 3 wishes what would they be? Let's pretend one of those wishes is to have unlimited wishes. In the land of Aladdin's Gold, you can have that! Deposit an unlimited number of times for their welcome bonus. It's up to you how you use your wishes.

High Noon, US Friendly, Casino Bonuses May 2023

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Howdy partner! You've just stepped in to the Wild West of Online Casinos! Get your hands on a $60 Free Chip just for stopping in to this here saloon. Don't worry, you're gonna get a $2,000 welcome bonus as well. We want to make sure ya'll feel welcome 'round here. Wagons west everyone!

Manhattan Slots Girly Online Casinos May 2023

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Attention Ladies! Manhattan Slots is calling your name. With this classy and elegant glamorous casino theme you will feel like it was made just for you. This fully featured online casino is prepared to give you the fix you've been looking for. Manhattan Slots is just a click away.

Club World Casino Bonus May 2023

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Welcome to Club World Casino! They're featuring a hot $777 Welcome Bonus and have slots jackpots reaching above $15,000 at any given time. They have an awesome set of features like Auto Play and minimum requirement countdowns. Club World Casino has got it all, and you can join the Club right now!

Lucky Red Casino, US Casino Bonuses May 2023

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Feeling lucky, punk? Well you are going to feel a whole lot of luck when you get 400% up to $4,000 on your first deposit. Lucky Red Casino is all the luck you're going to need.

Buzzluck Casino Bonuses May 2023

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Buzzluck is one of the luckiest casinos online. They have jackpots sitting at $1,000,000 -- waiting to be taken by the next lucky winner. Buzzluck casino features Nuworks software. They are an casino accepting US players and a US casino accepting MasterCard.

Casino Rules and Percentages Guide - Online Gambling

Selecting the right casino is an important piece of the process. A lot of the casinos online do not have the best software and some are even shady to begin with. You may even find that you will deposit money only to find out you can't withdraw it.

Which Online Casino Reviews Should You Trust?

So you are thinking about trying an online casino. Maybe you saw a few advertisements on the web. Perhaps you are an avid gambler, but really can't afford to drive or fly to places like Vegas or Reno. In order to find the best ones, most people look for the best online casino reviews. But how do you know if they're real? Here are three tips you should always use when evaluating whether or not the online review site for casinos is legitimate or not.

How Much Information Is There?

The easiest way to tell if an online casino review site is actually telling you about the casinos they are reviewing has a lot to do with how much information there actually is. For instance, if you see a website that is reviewing 15 different online casinos, and there are only a couple sentences on each one, this was probably hastily thrown up, and the information is more than likely not representative of any of the casinos that they have links to.

On the other hand, if there is quite a bit of information that goes into detail about the different games available at each casino, no deposit bonus information, and specific information that can only be found by logging into each site (not on the main page) then this reviewer has probably done their homework and is actually providing you with legitimate information.

Information about Who Can Sign up

One of the largest drawbacks for those in the United States is the fact that most online casinos are fearful of the federal laws that were passed in the US which make online gambling virtually illegal. However, many online casinos have special deals with Visa and MasterCard, for both debit cards and credit cards, so that American players can actually sign up.

If the reviewer has actually done their research, once you go to the site, you should see an American flag or MasterCard and Visa logos that reference the fact US players are welcome to sign up. On the same note, reputable review sites will also provide you with an FAQ section that will detail exactly what to look for when choosing the best online casino for you.

Extensive FAQ Section

If an online review site is actually legitimate, they will give you several tips and strategies on how you can find the best online casinos. They will probably go over several different strategies like:

If the website covers these topics, going into some detail, then you have more than likely found a reputable online casino review website that is providing you with current information that you can use.

Online Casino Reviews

Online casino reviews are a very important part of finding an online casino. You should always be aware of the MasterCard, Visa and American Flag logos on the casinos you visit. Try to keep in mind that the Visa and MasterCard have an evil twin known as the "EuroCard". As you can see by the name of the brand, it is not for Americans. If you are looking for casinos accepting US players, then you should browse through the online casinos below.

Online Casino Rules

Online casinos are bound by certain rules by their bank as a respectable merchant. They must follow their rules as to not disrupt their business. Unfortunately many are missing out on the abundant flow of US Players wanting to get involved in their casino. It is rare, but you can find over a hundred casinos accepting MasterCard, Visa and US Players. You just have to know where to look! It is vital that you check up to date information on each online casino to ensure you are not visiting a dud!

Spotting a Bad Casino

Quite recently we were reviewing several online casinos which had very bad reputations for paying out customer winnings. When we heard of this, the entire review process stopped. We put down our pens and walked away from representing that online casino. All of the online casinos on our website have excellent customer service and will pay out on time.

How to Find US Friendly Online Casinos

If you are in the United States, and you would like to play an online casino, you may be apprehensive of doing so because of federal legislation which apparently frowns upon this type of online activity. However, in the last few years, many online casinos have formed relationships with Visa and MasterCard so that players in America may also be able to participate. Here are some tips you should consider when looking for a US friendly casino online that will not only accept your Visa or MasterCard.

The Registration Page

The first thing you need to avoid is getting caught up in all of the graphics and visuals that most casinos online have on their main page. You will be sucked into looking at everything, and by the time you are done perusing their website, you may come to find that they do not accept US players.

The easiest way to bypass this type of frustration, and also to avoid wasting your time, is to go straight to the registration page. This is the page where you sign up for the casino, and where you enter in all of your information so that you can login.

What you want to look for is the "country" drop-down menu which will tell you whether or not US players can access their casino. If the United States is in the drop-down menu, then you will be able to sign up. The ones that do not allow US players will have a notation somewhere on this page stating that they are currently not accepting players from the United States at this time.

Another thing you should look for is the American flag. If it is prominently displayed, either on the registration page, or somewhere else on the gambling website, you can be rest assured that this casino will accept gamblers from the United States.

Live Chat Sessions

Any online casino on the internet that is reputable at all will have a support desk where you can ask questions. Many of the top casinos have "Live Chat" boxes that will allow you to interact with a live support member to ask questions. You can talk to these people, and ask them if they accept US players. If the answer is affirmative, you can go ahead with the sign-up process. If you cannot find the sign-up page, they can also direct you to it so that you can complete the sign-up process.

MasterCard or Visa Logo's

If you are unable to find the registration page, or a drop-down menu is not available, look for the MasterCard or Visa logo. Many casinos will accept the actual credit card, and also the debit card, making it very easy for you to sign up. Remember, most of these casinos online require you to enter in your credit card information. Those that have no deposit sign-up bonuses will not actually charge your card, but need to have that information in order to complete the registration. It is a simple way for these companies to not only verify where you are from, but it may also tell them if you are old enough to play the games.

By using these tips, you will be able to narrow down exactly which casinos except players from the United States, and those that do not. Just remember, most of these online casinos are very well designed and beautiful to behold, but you need to avoid these distractions and find out if they accept US players using the strategies we have just mentioned.

Getting Started!

If you're a US Player wanting to play casino games, then these helpful tips will get you in the game quickly:

  • Go straight to the registration / signup page on the casino. Do not fill out the form just yet, but first check the "Country" dropdown and make sure "United States" or "US" or "USA" or "America" is in the dropdown. If you click your country and the website says something like "We're currently not offering this in your country", then don't bother coming back, because they will never offer their games to the US.
  • Look for the American Flag in as many places as possible. If you see the United States Flag, then you've gone to the right place.
  • Look for the ever-so friendly MasterCard and Visa logo on their website. These will help indicate that your favorite debit/credit card is accepted at their casino.
  • If you need to confirm further, just click on a "Live Chat" or pick up your phone and call the casino. They get paid to be there 24/7 for support and questions; believe me, someone will pick up the phone or answer the chat.
  • Don't put all over your money into one casino; spread it out. You can find plenty of casinos that are US-Friendly.